Penneys Sligo

The original historic street façade is retained on O’Connell Street with a new shop front. The scale and form of the existing street front buildings are maintained and enhanced.The building extends in depth for more than one third of the overall site depth as a flat roofed two storey extension behind the form of the original O’Connell Street buildings. The overall height of the building at this point is kept at a low level and set back from the original street front ridge level to ensure that the extension is screened by the existing roof line when viewed from O’Connell Street.The building rises to four storeys at the Wine Street Car Park end to create the scale and height of building required to compliment and enhance the building, streets and public spaces as envisaged by the Masterplan and the planning permissions already granted for the Centre Block area. The inclusion of entrances at the west and east elevations maintains the existing linkage between O’Connell Street and the Wine Street Car Park / Centre Block area.The west elevation has been carefully considered to provide liveliness, vigour and animation to the public realm and includes a focal point provided by the glazed corner of the new building reflecting its location in the new public square and the east/west axis of the new street.

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